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Hi, and welcome to Liberty Rising! My name is Todd Matthews, a theme-based author of the Lord of Columbia Series and a die-hard Libertarian.

This site is basically going to discuss the Libertarian-based themes found in my book series, as well as current events in domestic and foreign policy, as well as the failed history of US foreign policy.

In other words, anything and everything regarding true liberty will be discussed on this site.

Some of my influences include Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Jake Morphonios, and many, many others including some of the greatest Austrian-based economists such as Mises, Rothbard, Hayek, etc.

I’m excited to give you my take on true liberty and what it means for all Americans.





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26 Replies to “About Liberty Rising”

    1. This one is rather unique in that it takes allegories from real life, especially those from American history and politics, to fuse them into an urban fantasy story. Within the Lord of Columbia Series you’ll find such allegories like the Bill of Rights, individual liberty, and what happens when too much power is ceded to governments. I’m glad you came across and liked the site.

    1. Thanks, Susan! I have a few more coming out within the next couple months, too. Missing in Columbia, which I’ll be giving the synopsis to very soon, plus two more of my free novelettes will be out as well. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

  1. I’m glad that I met a real writer. I hope you can live with writing.
    I was always interested in how much time it takes to write a book, how much time it takes to research, whether you already know in the beginning how the book will end.
    Wish you a lot of new books.

  2. Wow! You never give-up despite of too many hassle along the way. You are a truly writer Todd. And I can tell all your hard work will paid off soon.

    1. Thanks, Nila! And yes, I’ve always had that never-say-die attitude in anything I embark in. Writing is not an easy path and it’s one that will cause many to fold, but those who see it through will be rewarded not just in doing something they love but also in finding value and fulfillment in their work. Stay the course. That’s my biggest advice to authors.

  3. Wow! It’s definitely true what they say, never give up! Even when things stalled out, you kept coming back to it, and that’s something to be proud of.

    Congratulations on publishing your first two books! I wish you luck. Urban fantasy is a big favorite genre of mine. I’ll be honest though, I usually stick to female authors because of the romantic twists. I’ll have to take a look at your series!

    1. Hi, Selenity, it’s very true when it comes to stalling out, we need to keep powering forward, especially if we’re passionate about something. You might like Lord of Columbia, especially Book III, as I can attest it’s borderline romance, maybe too overdone!!

  4. Writing is hard and probably harder than I could imagine. I congratulate you for sticking to the plan and have produced solid results.

    I notice in your comment that the story is fused with real life history and politics. That’s sounds especially intriguing to me. I’ll check them out on Amazon right now.

    1. Hi, Wei, writing is one of those impudent tricksters that looks easy, especially after we read from authors who’ve written numerous books. But, it’s a process and we need to realize for the first year or two, we aren’t that good. In fact, I’d love to share the very first novel I’ve ever written (it’s not published!) as a teaching tool. I’d do this just to show how far an author can come from 2015 to 2019, or in my case, four years.

  5. Before I stumbled upon your site I would have told you that suspense/drama was my go to genre (think James Patterson). But wow – I think you may have convinced me to turn the corner. I have so much awe and respect for your perseverance. It was, no doubt, a turbulent journey. The best part is that you can now put that heart and soul into your writing and capture everyone’s attention. Kudos to you for not giving up. I cannot wait to start reading and eagerly await what follows. Keep swimming —Julie

    1. Thanks, Julie! Definitely turbulent, with a slew of starts, stops, sputters, and stalls, but with perseverance, the view from the mountaintop was definitely worth seeing.

  6. Hi, Todd, it sounds like you are on your way to building your fan club. Good job, you earned it. You worked hard, had your ups and downs while putting Lord of Columbia together. Writing can be hard. Trying to find a publisher, and making the writing interested for a wide variety of readers. But you are doing it.

    1. It’s a definite journey, I can tell you that much. But, despite the ups and downs, you can definitely succeed in anything you want, no matter how tough. It’s something this experience has taught me and continues to teach me. 

  7. Hi Todd,
    Just the title of your series, Lord of Columbia, really gets my attention. It sounds fascinating. I’ve always wanted to write but I find myself telling the story too fast. I admire people like you who can stick with it and provide all the details to make the story work. I think you’re going to be very successful!
    Keep Writing!

    1. Hi, Shiloh! What’s funny about the title of the series is that it went through so many different names before I conducted a massive keyword search. For a while, I called the series ‘Once’ before turning it into ‘Days of Gaia.’ Afterward, it became ‘Age of Columbia,’ a title that almost stuck, before I saw that the word ‘Lord’ was searched far more than ‘Age’ but not so much that it the work would end up on a saturated keyword list.

  8. Well done Todd! I am thrilled that you had the perseverance and determination to continue on in reaching your goals as an established writer! Your truly a fine example to follow.
    Given the state of global affairs, with such diversity in politics makes me intrigued to know more!

    1. Thanks, Jean! And yes, I actually updated almost all my articles last night. Took a few hours, but man, I’d love to be doing this all day and night in favor of working a boring old day job, but with the plan I have in place, despite the fact it’s a process, there are more than fantastic days ahead.

  9. Hello Todd. I am impressed with your life story. You certainly don’t quit and that seems to be key for most new writers. I can appreciate how difficult it must have been to finally launch your passion. You have written several books and I am excited to see how they move forward as a story line. I wonder how you managed to finally discover the fantasy world of exposition writing. Great work and congrats on discovering and cultivating your unique interests.

    1. Thanks, Dave! Discovering the world just took years of observation and mental note taking. I was inspired by so many different works and took note of what I loved about each world and elements within them before concocting my own world from those worlds.

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