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Libtertarian logo motivated the Freedom Flames
The Freedom Flames in Lord of Columbia were based on the logo of the Libertarian Party.

I’ve always considered the Lord of Columbia (LoC) as setting the stage for a Libertarian manifesto, taken from Ron Paul’s book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, which I read back in 2012.

Now, there are many forms of Libertarians, so not all Libertarians would agree with my work just as not all Libertarians agree with Paul’s work. I’m molded from the Ron Paul fashion and thus far there are only two statements of his many statements I’ve ever disagreed with, but I won’t hash on politics.

Today, I want to give some examples as to how these books operate as Libertarian despite the presence of war, which most Libertarians are collectively against, except for cases where war takes place on one’s own land.

Therefore, most of us condemn US intervention overseas while some have defended American intervention in nations like Venezuela, which is really heating up today.

So, some Libertarian-minded people might be put off by my work due to the fact war does exist within it, but bear in mind, war takes place on the home front, and not 3,000-6,000 miles away. In fact, enemy soldiers in LoC, the Southpoint Empire, are the invading party.

Flip over to Neo Skyehawk, and the Tamurians are always guilty of instigating war with sovereign nations beyond their borders.


How Libertarianism is Present in LoC

I’ve often stated the political message is present in LoC and I’m very open about it, especially in today’s world where politics can trigger even the least aggressive souls.

I’m also aware that my series’ will likely be turnoffs to both the mainstream Left and Right, or Democrats and Republicans entirely, and this is okay. If there’s something I’ve learned, it’s that not a single book or book series is right for everyone.

Some might take the series’ as me making an argument for a Libertarian, and its two closely related cousins, Voluntarist and Anarchocapitalist society, but it’s really more of myself expressing my viewpoint on the subject.

Examples of Libertarianism in Northern Knights include the following, which takes place in Libertarian North Columbia:

*Sound currency and lack of central banking.

*Open carry (I know this one will cause controversy, but again, Libertarians means lack of central government).

*Lack of public funding for schools, hospitals, etc.

*Voluntary military and lack of police force. There are zero of either, just voluntary coalitions.

*Zero foreign intervention.

*Free trade.

*Open borders from the north, since dystopian South Columbia has closed off the border to North Columbia.

*No welfare state, only charities and voluntary benefits.

*Minimal taxation; 10% flat tax among all citizens and social classes.

*Zero and criminalized collusion between big business (big pharma, corporations, NGOs) and government. No lawmaker is bought.

*Open competition in the marketplace with zero regulation from government and 100% regulation from the people, allowing and forcing businesses to come up with the most innovative products, provide fair wages and benefits due to the number of competitors to retain employees, and competing for peoples’ money.

*The Bill of Rights in the US Constitution also comes into play, especially Amendments IV, V, and VI.

*Racial and ethnic diversity is okay, and multiculturalism may exist in an individual standpoint, but values of North Columbia, listed above, must be embraced. Other values include:

*Freedom of speech in all forms, except when on another’s property, which protects individual property rights.

*Seizure of land via eminent domain is illegal.

*Drugs are decriminalized.

*Regional rights, sort of like states rights, reign supreme over federal laws and strong, central-planning, unlike the case in America today.

*Freedom of educational choice; chartered schools, for-profit, and other forms of private schools exist. The near-monopoly of public schooling is obsolete.

*I mentioned free trade earlier, and all trade is voluntary.

*Disputes are solved in forms of diplomacy, except in the case of a foreign invader encroaching the land.

*Open competition in the energy sector.


The First Trilogy

Okay, so the first trilogy in LoC, which consists of Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia is just the first trilogy, or season, in the LoC Series. Therefore, what is seen above may not be fully realized (but is present) in the trilogy. However, as I write my first drafts of Books IV, V, and VI, the viewpoints and values expressed above become more prevalent.

So, even if you read through my works and may not see the Libertarian/AnaCap/Voluntarist views at first glance, don’t be disappointed, as the arc is just as much as my numerous character arcs throughout the series.


Do You Agree?

Libertarian Views of Todd Matthews

Something I also tell others from the get-go is that I’m not here or writing this series to force my views on anyone. Instead, I like to think of it as sharing my views and giving others perhaps a new way of thinking if they want something more than just the two mainstream Right Wing and Left Wing ways of thought.

I personally would never force my views on anyone, because I don’t like it when others force their views on me. So, with that in mind, I invite you all to take a quiz here so you can see for yourself where you stand politically and whether you agree with my views.

As you can see just below the sub-heading, I took a screenshot of my results so I could share with you where I stand in a political party sense.

It also shows that for the 2020 Presidential Election, I don’t agree with any mainstream candidate, though I have taken a liking to Democrat Tulsi Gabbard due to her stance on foreign policy, which really resembles that of Ron Paul, even if I’m not hot on her domestic policy, but she’s repeatedly stated foreign policy is one of the top agenda’s she’s running on.

My dream, however, would be for Congressman Justin Amash to run as a Libertarian despite the fact he is currently a registered Republican, as I truly believe he will provide a legitimate Third-Party candidate, which here in the US, we’re starving for Third-Parties to break our current duopoly.

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44 Replies to “Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk: Two Libertarian Manifestos”

    1. Hi, Marian, it’s definitely a complicated article, I can assure you of that. This one took a good two hours to write but even longer to concoct; about two weeks’ worth. I agree, this series definitely isn’t for everyone; in fact I’ve always seen it as a niche portion of the population, as with most works, even the classics!

  1. Interesting and informative series which I am sure took some time to put together.
    Hope everything works out for future works.

  2. Todd you really intrigued me with the book and your article here. It’s very hard to talk about right and wrong in this segments. Politcs are sternly topic, and I can disagree with a lot of terms. I am really looking forward to read your book, and to discuss more about it when I read it.

  3. You have good writing skills and your article is very comprehensive.
    I tend not to get involved too much in politics, plus I don’t live in the US so unfortunately, I have no views about the next election. I do think that your series will do really well with those interested in your niche.

    1. Thank you, Helen! And yes, I see this more often among those outside the US, unlike the mainstream media trying to tell us different, wanting us to believe the entire world is against Trump lol when most outside the US have no opinion. Being more Libertarian, my views are neither right nor left, but more individualist in nature. I think the series will do great with select people in the niche, though, as Libertarians have so many sectors and fashions we may or may not agree on certain issues. You have classic liberals, anarchocapitalists (this is what I identify as), paleolibertarians, libertarian socialists, and others.

  4. Congratulations on the series! Great content and I appreciate you sharing your point of view . The 2020 election will be something to see in all countries

    Wishing you much success with the Lord Of Columbia Series

    1. Thanks, Pam! And yes, there’s a definite perspective in this series, but any reader who loves fantasy will enjoy it. The political message is definitely there, but character development, plot elements, etc are still more than prevalent.

  5. Congrats on your series. I remember viewing your site a couple of months ago and being very impressed with your creativity. I’m more so now. Your discussion of Libertarianism is fascinating. I voted for John Kasich because I liked and agreed with him from watching interviews. But mostly because I am so fed up with the other two parties, and a lack of choice. Taking the test you provided was interesting in that I think I have a lot of confusion about the role of government. Thanks for getting my brain clicking before 2020. And, again, congrats on your books. Much success to you.

    1. And thank you, John! Kasich has a large following here in Ohio and my dad was a fan of his as well. Like you, I’m more than fed up with both Parties; it’s sad that we have a duopoly here in America where when one party makes a claim, the other one is bound to think and act the opposite direction, regardless if it fits with their principles.

      I do know some might see Libertarianism and all of its cousins (Voluntarism, Classical Liberalism, Anarchocapitalism) as extreme, but many fail to realize a portion of western society is already in this fold. We voluntarily enter agreements, we choose to go places each day, and we engage in transactions like garage sales and even side gigs, all of which fit the Libertarian mold. If only we got government completely out of the picture, society would follow in this manner which already contains these elements, and I’ve always found people tend to be happiest in such elements.

  6. Hi Todd. 

    Two of the many reasons I love the Lord of Columbia Series ame the Neo SkyeHawk Series are that they are intriguing and educating. 

    I am not one that likes indulging in empty entertainments that adds little or nothing to my wealth of knowledge. 

    I look forward to reading further into these politically exposing reads.

    1. Hi, Peace, that’s always been one of my goals: To entertain and inform. To always have a meaning behind my writing, it’s definitely what keeps me going than just hashing out mindless entertainment. 

  7. Interesting to know that Libertarian Political leanings are even making it into fictional literature. It is also fun to see the ideology of others and the expansion of free thought in American politics played out in an understandable format. I don’t identify with a party anymore though I was a life long Republican the party is too far left for my strong conservative roots. Still, it is an interesting post here because it shows me Libertarians are about midway between the Republicans and my own ideology.

    1. Hi, Andy, I felt they were lacking in poli-lit so I wanted to bring them into the forefront. And I’m the same way; I can’t identify with any, though I align myself with Libertarians more than any other. Libertarianism is, as it’s the most fiscally conservative party out there. On the social spectrum, we’ve always left it up to the individual. 

  8. Great concept.  The site is made up very well and it sucks you right into the stories.  My oldest son tried this several years ago with a website that included other people adding their thoughts as the story played out.  I like it enough to bookmark it to see any future books.  I plan to go back and purchase so I can read this.  Well done.  Again I really like the concept and the content.  Nice that you give away a sample to taste the real story.

    1. Hi, Ralph, I’ve heard of websites like that, and they’re getting more and more popular as time goes on. And yep, I have my samples here as well as some deleted scenes from Northern Knights I’m fine-tuning to use for future articles. I think the reader base would love them. 

  9. Keep it up man. This reviews Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk as been a real inspiration for to read more of this fantasy book. Congratulations on this series! I really enjoy the review and political message been relayed in the series. This series is just unique as is intriguing and educating in all capacities. Am impressed reading about politics in the review. Don’t really engage in politics but it a good pointer for possible view on the 2020 election.

    1. Thanks! Always great to hear from you! I think the series will carry a sense of uniqueness since I’m very open about it from the beginning; I want my readers to know exactly what they’re getting into.

  10. Congrats on your series! For someone who has little knowledge of this topic, this is more than enough to provide me with the information I need. Not gonna lie, took me a long while to read carefully and understand a lot of what was written, but I really appreciated the little quiz because it is interactive and helped me understand my views on politics as well. Great work, Todd!

    1. Thanks, Mutsumi! Yes, this article is rather complex in nature to be honest, which is why I just had to include the quiz. I think many of us identify as one ideology or another, only to find we might have a completely different ideology after taking time to sort through all the issues.

  11. Very interesting take on a social front. I spoken with quite a number of people who actively and openly pursue conspiracy theories and the like. How we interpret the world around us is directly proportional to the results we aim to achieve. Balance that out with the fact that we make time for the things – and ideas – that we love. You have obviously spent a lot of time investigating your ideas before sharing them. I appreciate the effort it took to craft both the thoughts and the site!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, and there is a growing number of us pursuing such conspiracy theories. I always go for verified sources, such as the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which was written in 1997, which has actively led me to this website: It’s made up of architects and engineers who have a combined 25,000 years of experience in their fields questioning the official story of 9/11, which I’ve questioned now for years. I plan on doing an entire article around PNAC prior to releasing my fourth book sometime in 2020, which provided the basis not only for US involvement in the Middle East during the 21st century, but also inspired me to write the second trilogy in Lord of Columbia. 

  12. Well, thankfully I’m outside the US…but at the same time I do live in the UK. This means that we tend to end up in the same mess as the Americans, and they end up in the same mess as us! (more often than not!).

    So I’d probably lean towards being a Libertarian in my views on conflict, as I don’t really understand why my country, and America, seem to feel the need to get so involved on foreign shores. 

    P.S. The more I read about your series…the more interesting it gets! 

    1. Thanks, Chris! And I agree, it’s almost like our two countries are carbon copies of one another! It seems whatever one does, the other follows as if they’re Harry and Marv from Home Alone! I’ll never understand why we have to get involved in foreign policy, as it always ends in disaster. 

  13. I’m not much into politics myself which is not to say I don’t have an opinion but I don’t get too worked about it I guess.  I do like what I’ve read of your material so far but it is quite deep.  I personally would take that as a compliment, I hope you keep up the good work.

    At first site of your writings I would not of come to the realization that it is based on politics.  Not everyone would understand the references you make either.

    I do know many people that would enjoy this type of writing although I’m not sure I would pick it out for myself.  Maybe as my three young children get older I will have more time for quiet reflection such as this.

    1. Hi, Amanda, yes there is a strong political message involved here, but all the same, there’s an entertainment realm to it as well. I like to compare it to the Chronicles of Narnia in a sense, which holds a strong religious allegory but at the same time can be enjoyed by anyone. And I agree, this work isn’t one for the entire population; what work is? I can definitely see kids who have reached college or even high school age enjoying the work, especially as Libertarianism becomes more popular on college campuses, contrary to what the mainstream media tells us! 

  14. Hello Todd,
    You are absolutely correct when you say “not a single book or book series is right for everyone”. I personally am guilty for not staying in touch with what’s going on in our world. I don’t watch the news or even turn on my TV during the week. Mostly because they only have negative things to say.
    I think from what I hear, we have way too many Democrats and not enough Republicans.
    I love how you voice your opinions, but still don’t put others’ down for theirs. We all have minds of our own and opinions that will vary depending on how we were brought up.
    I think you are a very intelligent man and an excellent writer! I love how you can word things in a way that can’t possibly put anyone down. You allow your readers to form their own thoughts and opinions base on what you write.
    Congratulations on your series! It’s a little too deep for me, but I really do appreciate your honesty and deep thoughts.
    Where will you go next? Do you have a plan for future writings? Will it be of the same style? Do you think outside of the box; where different writings can draw in different crowds or is this the only way you know to write?
    Once again, as you said yourself that not all books are for just anyone. I respect your viewpoints on certain subjects, but also know that you could reach an entirely different class of people if you lightened it up just a tad. But this is coming from a romantic nut who only reads romantic novels that offer easy flowing content and requires little concentration, so don’t be let down from what I have to say.
    I appreciate your honesty and wish you much success in life and with your books.
    Best wishes,

    1. And I think it’s necessary to have the ability to voice our opinions without putting others down, as we could’ve done once upon a time, but as you said, the negativity on TV has created a “divide and conquer” strategy and we’re seeing both sides obey their news masters like never before.

      This series is extremely deep on so many levels and beyond complex. Well, LoC is, but Neo Skyehawk is far more light-hearted though it does have its connections to LoC as well and the message is still there, but to a lesser extent.

      Different writings can definitely draw in different crowds, and I think a lot of rookie authors, especially us indies, make a mistake in thinking we can write a book or book series for all crowds. It’s impossible, but I do believe we can reach a network of readers as some authors will use numerous pen names to create different genres of works.

      I don’t think LoC can be light, and definitely won’t reach every reader, but I do have many other works planned outside of this series as well, many of which create a lighter…okay, “Hallmark Channel” type of tone to them. I can’t say when these works will come into fruition, as I’ve only a few rough chapters written of each and LoC is taking up the majority of my writing time, but I can say that eventually, I’ll branch off into other light-hearted genres of work, more inspirational than anything else. When I can give my actual day job the boot one day I’ll be good to go!!

      1. I really look forward to seeing those “Hallmark Channel” type books! It’ll open up an entire different group of readers, like myself. I’m so glad you have that in mind.
        Now as for your first two books; Northern Knights and Swords of Destiny, my daughter Jessica is really big into this sort of thing. That’s what drew my attention to your site! She just recently made a room in her house into a small family library. She loves to read and I think your series would be a great gift for her.
        I didn’t really notice any deals, but is there any specials if I bought those two paperback books? (I don’t think she likes to read on kindle… but I’ll find out, much cheaper that way).
        I really need to know soon, because we have a trip planned for the 18th this month and only see each other once a year.
        Thanks so much!

        1. Yep, and in time I’ll be able to write and release them, but it might be a while before that!

          And that’s awesome! I will be making specials on the paperbacks, yes, and will be working on it all weekend long since my third book will be on Amazon’s shelves, so I’m looking to make it into a box set, which will be my very first one! I can relate, as I’ve never been a big fan of any e-book reader. Saturday can’t come fast enough, because I’m very eager in a) getting Book III uploaded and b) creating my first box set, which will be an exciting endeavor!

          1. I’m sure you are excited! It’s an amazing accomplishment! Let me be one of the first tell you, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” Sounds like you’ve really been busy.
            I wish I could wait until you had the complete box set, but I really wanted to give it to my daughter in person and we meet next Thursday. No worries though, if she really likes them, I’ll be sure to go back and grab the 3rd one.

            Best of luck to you!


          2. Very excited, indeed, and I can’t wait to get to work on Trilogy II, the cover of which I’ll be sharing later on. Beyond, far beyond busy, I can tell you that. Hoping to have the box set up and running by Monday, but the day job has been a knuckleball these last two weeks; next week will be even worse since they’ll be training me on a new skill (sideloader driving). It’ll be twelve hour days!

  15. Hi Todd,
    Once again I just dropped myself into your world of LoC. This one is somewhat different from the previous articles. As it is involved in two worlds regarding politic. World of reality and LoC of course. You have created the Libertarianism of LoC in a diplomatic way (I don’t know whether the word diplomatic is fitted here). I think it totally depends on the writer’s freedom of expression. So, I will appreciate whatever plot you input here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.
    Warm regards,

    1. Thanks! I think the word ‘diplomatic’ fits the mold. While there is a revolution and violence in the plot; something many Libertarians stand against unless, of course, one’s homeland is being invaded from a foreign land, or domestic terrorism takes hold, the message here is what can and will happen when the quest for empire gets too strong.

      So, I needed to find an antidote, and as Ron Paul says, the antidote is leaving people alone and letting them live the way they want, which translates to Libertarian society. However, the only way to counter this is to halt the quest for empire, which always seems to usurp civil liberties both at home and abroad. 

  16. Though it is new for me to read this type of article, I enjoyed the flow. Your imagination is wild and you have a great gut to express a political message.

    1. Thanks, Kavitha! Initially, I was hesitant to write about the true message behind the series, but I also wanted to be very upfront about it as to not throw off potential readers who hold true to their political beliefs and might see through the plot as to what this series is really talking about. I know it’ll scare readers away, but I’m okay with that, as I know it may also bring on some new readers who might be interested to see what a Libertarian society might look like.

  17. Congrats on the series! I am sure that it will not appeal to everyone because many are set in their ways and do not like change. Politically I am an Independent and have voted for both parties but would REALLY like a third party to emerge, just not sure what kind yet.

    In your breakdown of Libertarian views you state, “Disputes are solved in forms of diplomacy, except in the case of a foreign invader encroaching the land.” How would disputes be solved when those that kill our citizens are home-grown terrorist like a majority of hate groups?

    1. Hi, Robert, it definitely won’t appeal to everyone, that’s for sure. My main demographic are high school/college-aged/new adults between the ages of 18-30, though we can give or take a year or two going each direction. The older one gets, the more stuck in their ways they become and it’s a lost cause for the most part. Even my parents, both of whom are in their 50s, are tough to sway. As for others in that age bracket, forget it.

      That’s actually a very good question and (spoiler alert) my second trilogy, the first book in which will be released in late-2019-2020, provides the answer. I’ll give a vague hint, though, and it’s that the Second Amendment of the Constitution, the well-regulated militia portion, has never seen such importance as it would if we have domestic terrorists, which hate groups are definitely part of.

      As Libertarians, we don’t believe in violence to be the answer, however, we do believe that we have the right to use any means necessary to defend ourselves, our property, and our communities. If a domestic terrorist group struck, we have every right to defend what’s ours and expel them. We believe in diplomacy first, and if something like this can be solved via diplomacy, more power to us, but we do have the right to defend, especially if they become violent.

  18. Putting some of your political beliefs in your stories makes it your own. I just wish that some of these views could become real.
    Your imagination will make your series something you cannot put down until your are finished.
    I do not think that you can please everyone with your political views or when you write one of your stories. You must keep writing with the style that you have started, it will keep your loyal readers coming back for more.

    1. I do too, John, but I think what’s curtailing them is 1) the two-party duopoly, which Ron Paul usually just calls one party and in many ways he’s right because both sides love big government, contrary to what Republicans lead us to believe, and 2) the mainstream media goes out of their way to drawn out Libertarian voices. Ron Paul has always been ridiculed by both sides of the equation and his son, Rand, has also taken criticism, such as when Wolf Blitzer stated his policies of halting weapons sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia would lead to job loss, or when Fox News criticized him for correctly stating last year’s “chemical attack” in Syria was a false flag.

      I’ll never please everyone, especially here in the US since so many of us are closed-minded. Some might accuse me of being so, but what many fail to realize is that I was once on the far-left between 2006-2011, before becoming more center-right from 2012 to 2017. Heck, for a while I even thought the fact Donald Trump running for President was a good thing, though I stopped supporting him early in the 2015-2016 primary season.

      I didn’t really go full on Libertarian/AnaCap until about mid to late-2017, and when I came out as such, I’ve received nothing but criticism and burned bridges from about 80% of my friend network, including some family members.

  19. Hi Todd!
    I had the quiz, it was fascinating because I’ve never been really into politics. I have my opinions but I never though where I really stand. Now I know, thank you for it!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Mari. ISideWith is, in my opinion, the most accurate quiz on the internet. I take it yearly as it’s almost always updated on an annual basis.

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