Lord of Columbia Series

“Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death,”
– Patrick Henry.

Episode I

Northern Knights


The world’s most powerful empire wants him dead…

…yet how far will the desire to achieve liberty push a brash college senior?

Cain Riscattare just wanted to return to school, play ball, and enhance his element control ability—never suspecting a military draft will derail his plans. Faced with the prospect of getting shipped off to fight a needless war under the imperial banner, Cain and his small group of friends resist, sparking a colonial uprising not seen in two decades.

The revolution has begun, and Cain is number one on the global superpower’s hitlist.

Join readers who are talking about this fast-paced new adult urban fantasy and discover whether Cain and his friends survive the encounter.

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Episode II

Swords of Destiny

The magical forces of love and friendship refuse to fade…

 …even if death is guaranteed.

When one of his closest friends is kidnapped and imprisoned by the enemy, the newly christened Cain Santos is forced to lead his Northern Knights into a region in the midst of nonstop warfare.

Six months after the conclusion of Northern Knights, this new adult urban fantasy has taken a bloody turn for the worst.

Join a growing readership base in this action-filled sequel to Northern Knights as Cain and the crew go at it with the Southpoint Empire, this time to save the life of a friend.


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Episode III

Missing in Columbia

After fire-traveling from an exploding fighter jet into no man’s land…

…the deadliest game of hide and seek has begun.

In route to their destination, Cain and his female co-partner are the lone survivors in an air attack, stranding them deep in South Columbian forests.

Imperial soldiers are closing in, food and energy to produce Stoicheion magic are scarce, and Columbian refugees are slaughtered daily.

Rumors of Southpoint gaining ground in the Columbian War of Independence swirl daily, but today, no one lives long enough in these woods to see the extent of damage the empire has caused on the Columbian colonies.

Will Cain and his co-partner survive their deadliest challenge yet in this epic conclusion to Lord of Columbia’s Original Trilogy, or will the elements prove to be too much?


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Coming Soon! Episode IV

Raven’s Flock 

Raven's Flock: Episode IV in the Lord of Columbia Series

Raven Spade isn’t just your average seventeen-year-old; she holds ability no one around her can understand. For this reason, she’s thrown into a psych ward, led to believe she’s crazy to think she has such supernatural ability, yet when a mysterious visitor arrives and states she’s just as sane as those outside the ward, she learns the truth: Hundreds of thousands of souls just like she exist.

However, these powerful people, known collectively as the Stoicheions, have been persecuted, locked up, institutionalized, and even slaughtered for their abilities by the overreaching and all-powerful State, where the right to self-defense has been eliminated. The State now has control of everything in this Orwellian society, from peoples’ bank accounts to their very thoughts.

And anyone thinking or acting against the State’s will is, at minimum, imprisoned or simply executed. Society has become a very dark place, but the mysterious visitor provides hope when he says help is about to return from another World.

And that help will lead society out of the Statist doldrums it finds itself in.