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If you watched the Ron Paul Liberty Report via YouTube this week, you may’ve come across the most chilling episode yet, one that tells us police state America is here and is about to curtail every single one of your civil rights in the most Orwellian way possible.

Once upon a time, this was a scary thought, but now Donald Trump is bragging, bragging, about his continual militarization of police all in the excuse for Americans to “keep their safety.”

Because we all need to trade in our liberties for security, right?

Please, don’t make me laugh again.


Talking About the Real Patriots

Take this quote from Benjamin Franklin: “They that give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve and end up with neither.”

Or this one, also from Franklin: “Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

What about this one from Senator Rand Paul, who, while a cop apologist, does have many Libertarian-based leanings about him, such as this: “Opponents of civil liberties will contend the NSA data collection has made our country more safe, but even the most vocal defenders of the program have failed to identify a single thwarted plot.”

So, for all those cop-loving “Patriots” who would’ve been Loyalists back in the 1770s with their “thin red lines” and “if only they did what the British soldier asked them to do, they wouldn’t have been killed or jailed,” are you really on board with militarizing an organization, a terrorist organization that has killed ten times more civilians than mass shootings have since 2016?

Think about that for a second.

Per the Washington Post, nearly 4,000 (3,600 from 2016 to October 2019) people have been killed in police shootings while only a little over 1,000 have been killed in mass shootings in that same time frame.

And now Donald Trump wants to enact to red flag gun laws, as do the rest of his cop-loving republicans?

How does this even come close to patriotism?

Is this what the founding fathers did?

Uh, no, or else a war for independence wouldn’t have been fought.

So, you conservative Americans somehow justify this happening in 2019? Honestly, you all sound like Loyalists to the British Crown.

And yeah, I’m saying ‘The Crown’ because I’d be rich if I had a nickel for every conservative prick looking to vote for either Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and in two decades, Barron Trump into office.

Don’t you people realize the Founders created the oval office to prevent Monarchy?

Don’t get me going. Okay, I went off, but it’s the truth. These people have no idea what true liberty means. Mandatory skycloth worship isn’t true liberty. Neither is reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, a poem written by a socialist named Francis Bellamy.

Yeah, the truth hurts.

So, you stand for those men and women who died invading other countries, bombing their cities, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria alone, displacing millions more and contributing to an immigration crisis in Europe? All in the name of freedom and liberation, right?

Libya’s the slave trade capital of the world since NATO (70% of which is made up of US forces) intervention. The US practically funded ISIS to start a civil war in Iraq after Obama’s troop withdrawal. Ditto for Syria. Don’t believe me? Click here.

Honestly, what Donald Trump is doing – any American with an OUNCE of Patriotism should be livid. And I mean they should be as angry as the American colonists at this point. There’s nothing justifiable to militarize a monopolized police force that taxpayers are forced to pay for at gunpoint or at least under the threat of jail, for their own oppression, and for police to be patrolling the streets with high-powered assault rifles and military vehicles.


America is Nazi Germany

Is this America or have we officially become Nazi Germany on steroids? Because that’s what it seems.

We invade countries, bomb them, rape them of their resources, place military bases within those countries, fund and create new enemies to fight, and continue to fight perpetual wars in the same region, which happens to be one of the most mineral-rich regions on the planet if anyone’s keeping track.

At home, we’re continually militarizing police, where “stop and frisk,” or “show me your papers,” a la Nazi Germany, is already a thing. Police shootings that the courts are justifying is a thing. Police destroying homes to catch a single armed suspect without obligation to compensate is a thing. Oh, and there’s the Federal Court ruling that police have absolutely no moral right to serve and protect, so keep that in mind when I discuss what I’m about to discuss with you today.

“Neither the Constitution, nor state law, impose a general duty upon police officers or other governmental officials to protect individual persons from harm — even when they know the harm will occur,” said Darren L. Hutchinson, a professor and associate dean at the University of Florida School of Law. “Police can watch someone attack you, refuse to intervene and not violate the Constitution.”

The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the government has only a duty to protect persons who are “in custody,” he pointed out.

Honestly, this should make any patriotic American sick.

Sam Adams would be up and arms. Washington and his homies would’ve been stacking bodies. The Sons of Liberty would NEVER tolerate the fact our government, the one that is supposed to be restrained by the Constitution so it WOULDN’T turn into Revolutionary Antebellum America again, is bragging, bragging, about militarizing our police force, which is already notorious for the following:

*Falsifying arrests.

*Arresting cop critics.

*Domestic violence.

*Planting drugs and evidence.

*Blacklisting critics.

*Harassing critics.

*Intimidating critics.

Honestly, my friends, enough is enough, and above is just a freaking handful of the abuse of power America’s police force collectively practice.


Summarizing the Ron Paul Liberty Report

As Ron Paul opens: “Our government wants to treat ALL American citizens as potential terrorists. Anybody can be arrested, and everything they do is going to be recorded. They’re going to use social media, they want to militarize the police, and Trump really likes this idea. He brags about it.

“I’ve given more military weapons to the police than anybody else.”

But as Paul also points out, “They don’t care about defining the role of government. They don’t seem to express their interest in a free society.”

What is the role of government in a free society?

The government’s claim for justifying their intervention in every realm of society and our private lives, including the Patriot Act is that “we need to keep the people safe.”

The people buy into this propaganda.

What the government fails to realize (or doesn’t want to realize) is that it escalates and you give up a little bit of liberty for safety and security, but we end up with neither one.”

Paul pointed this out, over two-hundred years after Franklin quoted this.

And of course, it’s all about hunting down this trigger word: Terrorists.

How’re they going to do this?

They’re going to convict them pre-crime.


As in you’re guilty until proven innocent.

Talk about a direct violation of the Bill of Rights.

This is by far the most dangerous proposition of the Trump administration.

What is Trump nicknaming it?

The Surge. A reference to the 2007 US Surge into Iraq – which was a total failure – and it paved the way for ISIS and al-Qaeda to resurge later in Iraq and Syria.

The justification?

Well, we need to go after the terrorists to prevent another 9/11 – too bad fifteen of the nineteen hijackers came from Saudi Arabia – but here, have some more weapons since you sell us cheap oil.

Is it really to protect the Constitution and liberties?

Not when there’s a Patriot Act involved.

Not sure how raping a nation of their oil is protecting the Constitution.

Now they’re saying it’s gotten so dangerous they now need to monitor social media and everything you buy online.

Does this sound Orwellian or what?

So if I bought a gun online and a bunch of opposition material, I’d probably labeled as some nut who’s ready to commit some heinous terrorist act – which I’m not about to do.

But you’re going to put me in jail and make me prove I’m not a bad guy?

What if someone saw a doctor for depression or mental health issues?

Or how will they define hate speech? By disagreeing with someone?

This is a true totalitarian society, especially if your speech, as mine is here, disagrees with the government’s actions.

Are you guys Patriots or Loyalists to the American Crown – the Trump Monarchy.

“To keep you safe, I’ve made 600 million dollars worth of military equipment available to local law enforcement.”

Come on, man, my debut novel Northern Knights was supposed to be a warning; not an instruction manual.

Who loves this?

The military-industrial complex.

What’s the problem with this?

It creates the atmosphere and mentality that all civilians the police supposedly serve and protect (which they have zero obligation to), are enemies. How frightening would it be to see our police force patrolling the area in scout vehicles, tanks, and militarized weapons?

It’s why you need the second amendment.

It’s why the Founders placed the Second so high in the Bill of Rights so We, the People have the means to fight back when the government gets too large and powerful.

For more information as to why a militarized police force is terrible, see John Whitehead.


Resist, Resist, Resist

My friends. This right here is why I created Lord of Columbia; to warn others of the coming totalitarian state in America; who in Northern Knights is the black and yellow-clad Southpoint Empire who drive around in their black and yellow (colors of the US Army and Ohio Sheriff Dept vehicles) military vehicles.

These people, in my opening chapters, routinely utilize stop and frisk to pat down and sometimes strip search citizens. They harass entire families, open fire on them when they feel order is out of line, and even prescribe dissenters to mental institutions, another point in Trump’s plan.

Guys, this man is arguably the most dangerous president we’ve ever had in our nation’s history if he’s in process of criminalizing all Americans. Arresting us for simply buying a gun if we simultaneously speak ill of his administration, government, and foreign policy. Arrest us for purchasing products that might scream dissent toward his administration.

My friends, Donald Trump has dropped more bombs and ordered more drone strikes than George Bush and he’s only just now completing the second year in his first term as President. He’s on pace to drop more bombs and order more drone strikes than Barack Obama did in two terms by the end of his first term in office.

He’s perpetuated seven wars over the course of his first two terms.

This man is a warmongering neocon in disguise intent on not only savaging the Middle East for resources but is now in process of arresting anyone who speaks against his presidency and policies.

President Trump is a dangerous man and his cronies are dangerous people, and the militarization and justification of the militarization of America’s police force prove that point.

In my next article regarding Police State America, I’m going to discuss dozens of cases regarding innocent children shot and killed by sociopaths in blue we dub heroes.

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