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Given the fact the US Government has constantly lied to the world about war, I have a tough time believing their claim that Iran shot down the Ukrainian airliner leaving Tehran early Wednesday morning.

Isn’t this the same government that led us to believe that for eighteen years progress was being made in Afghanistan?

Not only did the Afghan papers prove otherwise, confirming there’s no real endgame or mission in Afghanistan and that top military officials had zero idea what they were doing there, but a new Gallup poll shows that zero percent of Afghans are thriving and 85% of them are suffering.

Doesn’t this completely contradict the notion that the US was supposed to invade Afghanistan to supposedly liberate it from the hands of Taliban, who have since reclaimed most of their lost territory?

Or was the real reason all along for invading Afghanistan intended to set up military bases and a strong military presence to further intimidate Iran, its western neighbor?


Zero Evidence Exists

Yes, Zero evidence exists regarding the following at the time of this writing:

The first claim is that Soleimani oversaw and ordered the killing of hundreds of US soldiers. The last time even one-hundred soldiers in Iraq were killed was back in 2009 – since 2012, only 81 US soldiers were killed in Iraq. 58 in 2011 and 62 in 2010. So if Soleimani was responsible for the killings of hundreds of US soldiers as the Trump administration claims, why did you wait ten years to go after him? Because Obama sympathized with Iran, as conservatives claim? I doubt it – it still took Trump nearly three years and thousands of strikes. Pretty sure the world would’ve heard about Qassem Soleimani long before.

Mike Pence claimed earlier that Soleimani was responsible for 9/11 – honestly if you believe a shred of this you have an IQ at room temperature.

Zero evidence points to Soleimani ordering the airstrike that killed the American contractor, an Iraqi-American named Nawres Waleed Hamid, and wounded several others.

Zero proof exists that Soleimani led the attack on the US embassy and even if he did we need to remember the lack of casualties reported – isn’t it funny that hardly a soul has been killed over the course of the last two Iranian or Iranian-backed strikes on US government property 6,000 miles away from its homeland?


Other Outrageous Claims

It’s funny how both political parties see common ground when it comes to expanding the military-industrial complex. Hundreds of American deaths in Iraq at the hands of Iran? Again, we already debunked the claim that hundreds of Americans had even been killed in Iraq with the fact only 81 American soldiers were killed over the past eight years – but as for the actual deaths?

Those were really at the hands of Iraqis defending their land against foreign invaders – some of whom may’ve received training from Iran or even Soleimani himself – can you really blame them?

Knowing that America declared independence from a world power once upon a time, I sure can’t.

The branch of the Iranian military Soleimani commanded was deemed a terrorist organization by the US just last year. But of course, how many foreign governments (including Iran) have named the US military a terrorist organization? If I headed up a government in the Middle East, you can bet the first organization I’d label terrorists would be the US military. But just to set the record straight, Soleimani was actually fighting and defeating ISIS – something Trump was incapable of doing yet took credit on at least two occasions.

We were lied into the War on Terror – and it’s important to remember that even if the official story of 9/11 holds true, the attacks on the World Trade Center were retaliatory strikes given America’s constant interference in the Middle East.

We were lied into the Iraq War when George W. Bush claimed Iraq was part of that Axis of Evil along with Iran and North Korea. But most importantly, we were lied to regarding Saddam Hussein’s link to 9/11 and the claim that he possessed WMDs.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spent Christmas Day (January 6th in Russia) in Syria, a nation whose leader Bashar al-Assad is supposedly brutalizing his people – however, Syria is really a secular state where Christians residing in the nation are FREE to practice their religion. Contrary to American media reports, Christian Syrians in Aleppo last year also celebrated Easter, a stark contrast from the oppression in the city when US-backed forces occupied it. The Fall of Aleppo returned sovereignty to the Syrian people who resided in and rebuilt the city.

To justify potential war with Syria, the US government-funded OPCW doctored the report regarding the 2018 Douma false flag, which Wikileaks was able to get their hands on the original documents regarding the so-called attack, allowing readers to compare it with the document that was released to the public.

So many lies, and so much war that thus far has been completely unnecessary.


Don’t Fall for It

Do you really believe all the media BS regarding Iran?

After being lied to over the first two decades of the twentieth century regarding war, are you really going to fall for yet another lie – a lie that is using the exact same tactics that got America involved in conflicts in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and now, Iran?

Do your research, do your homework, and please, read, read, and read on media outlets that are independent of multinational corporate sponsorship who simultaneously lobby in Washington. Reason Magazine is a good place to begin. The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity is another. Lew Rockwell, the Mises Institute, Zerohedge, and even Russia Today – despite its funding from the Russian government – will all give you a far more honest story than the likes of Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC – all of whom are pushing for war to fuel their lodge brothers in the military-industrial complex.

Heck, you can even compare the outlets with one another yourself. I’m not telling you what to do or what to think – I’m simply stating my point of view – but I’ll let you decide what to think.

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