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The following is from the rough draft of an upcoming work of fiction. However, it is based on true events of police and political corruption that took place in Steubenville, Ohio.

From the blog of Braden Hawk

There is a civil war coming to America.

It’s not Republican versus Democrat, Deplorable versus Snowflake, Conservative versus Liberal, or anything the mainstream loves to shove down our throats.

It’s a divide and conquer ruse to negate the true, unforeseen conflict.

Individual versus State.

Our regulated militia of We, the People versus the ironclad hand of statism, the slave drivers of modern society.

But the multinational-corporate-backed media with seats to advisory boards and lobbying firms will never let one in on it. They want red to fight blue, and vice versa. They want to keep telling their backers what to think, how to think, and when to think.

They want to tell their sheep who the bad guys are, who to hate, and how their chosen politician or politicians will solve all of America’s problems. Yet on the winning side, they’ll shove their minions a lie on how the other side is the enemy to America.

Reality check. They both are.

They want the same thing and they’ll never allow a good crisis to go to waste for their underlings to demand their own oppression while paying top tax dollars.

What do the statists dressed in red and blue want?

Expanded government and mass surveillance, as seen with the extension of the Patriot Act in 2019, which Joe Biden claims he drafted after the OKC Bombings while President Trump wished to expand NSA surveillance back to the pre-Snowden era.

Two sides of the spectrum. Two statists in action.

What else do they have in common? A military with a fetish for war crimes (sorry, conservatives), and a growing demand for increased gun control either through confiscation from the Left and red flag laws from the Right tells me not only is the State rising in power, but much of the public has come to demand and worship such powers.

But what about those in public who refuse to follow statist standards, knowing all forms of statism lead to oppression, as seen so often in human history?

Including once on our own soil.

Throughout the scope of recorded history, it has never changed. We as a society have never changed.

People. Worship. Governments. They worship government symbols. They worship a military invading third-world nations thousands of miles away. And in both instances, they worship their own oppressors.

Nothing has changed over the past ten-thousand years and if you refuse to worship a state religion called government, prepare for life as an outcast.

Your crime?

Speaking your mind.

Your crime ten-thousand years ago?

Speaking your mind.

Maybe it won’t kill you here in the States as it did in other powerful empires. But it can and will affect jobs you can apply for. It’ll affect your social network. It’ll even affect your own relationship with friends and family.

There’s a lot at stake here for those free spirits who turn their backs on government. Who turn their backs on the state religion of the era. Or perhaps of any era?

Most minions worship this old as time religion of the state because they’re followers; they need to fit in with the mainstream so they’re liked and part of the “in crowd.”

They worship and deify politicians or simply people they consider to be of great influence who become politicians. Heck, not even. They’ll treat celebrities who hate on Donald Trump like gods, while demonizing the Trump-loving crowd. And vice-versa for the Trump lovers, who claim to ‘never need’ celebs but ironically voted one into the White House.

For the second time in forty years, mind you. Remember, Ronald Reagan was also a celeb back in the day.

What’s the common denominator?

Sheeple on both ends of the spectrum worship government idols like flags, monuments, war memorials, etc.

Is there really a difference between flag worship and worship of King Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol in the Book of Daniel? I’m no religious man in the Christian sect, or at least traditionally, but I would love to hear the answer from flag-worshipping Christians who turn ultra-snowflake when a football player kneels during a song – then go onto demonize them on Daily Wire.

Or what about those demanding increased taxation to a commune to pay for an expansive welfare system that will only lead to demotivation among Americans – not that we can afford the whole package anyway even if we rightfully withdrew military bases from the eighty-five or so nations the US has bases in.

Okay, back to the idolatry of government symbols. I just didn’t want to slant this article too far one way or the other.

Let’s talk about ones people never seem to consider except for those of us who realize such tools are designed for us to fall in line and conform to manufactured values while being programmed to hate the men and women we’ve never even met living over the border and over the ocean.

Those of us who know borders, currencies, languages, values, religions, and other tactics are just ways to spread hate and demagoguery. More than just flag worship, monument worship, government worship, teacher worship, school worship? The pornographic evidence of government worship worldwide could have its own online hub their followers can jerk to.

And it only spreads animosity toward one another, stemming from the elites and their ironclad fist called government. Pit the masses against one another although they’ve never met and watch them fight while we collect the dough.

Said just about every politician whether capitalist or communist. Divide. Control. Conquer. As they fight amongst one another while worshipping us, our symbols, while willfully and dutifully give us back the money that we issued them in the first place – and by issuing the dough it means we were the first and last to have our hands on it.

We’re simply frowned upon for refusing to acknowledge the government that supposedly protects us from all forms of crime and inhumane action, when oftentimes it’s government creating such action and trying to fix the debacle they created. And per our Supreme Court, our government has no legal obligation to protect anyone from anything.

Yet the masses routinely rally around their symbols, most notoriously the flag, monuments of past “deities” like Washington, while dissenters like us are scrutinized when our support for supposed heroes like police and government school teachers wane.

Even when these sheep like to lecture us on what it means to live in a place they dub the ‘land of the free,’ us freethinkers are ridiculed in the streets and online when we state the true idea over America in the first place is for men and women to live their lives without the hands of government pulling their strings as if they were puppets.

I’m one-thousand percent sure the Founding Fathers would agree with us, not them. Our Founders would dub them British Loyalists if they saw the magnitude of government worship stemming from their minds, bodies, and souls.

And yet, when we, the true patriots, are treated like garbage for making our own, personal choices, branded as outcasts to mainstream America, I ask myself, “What would America’s Founders think?”

What would they think of the standing army sent to invade other nations, ravaging them as was the case in Iraq of yesteryear, in Syria today, and what will later be Iran and who knows where else?

I can tell you this: It’s complete hypocrisy to claim Bush, who dropped 12,000 bombs per year, Obama, who dropped 26,000 per year, and Trump, who’s dropping 44,000 per year is spreading humanitarianism, protecting the Constitution, and liberating anyone from foreign dictators. And don’t even get me started on democracy, especially when the US is notorious for overthrowing democratically elected leaders.

Libya and other nations, especially those in Latin America, have become what Trump calls ‘shithole countries’ due to US intervention, CIA coups, and endless war. Well, perhaps such actions stemming from the US had something to do with it.

What would the Founders think of the mass surveillance state, headed up by the NSA, and including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, State Department, and other agencies?

What would America’s Founders think of the royal treatment given to the police force, who’ve routinely overstepped their boundaries, as shown in Belleville, Ohio, the home municipality of Tarja Titan, who I interviewed just a few short months ago?

And how she’s still treated like garbage to this day by the swine apologists despite the fact she’s gone off to college. Follow her Facebook and Twitter accounts at the link below this article and the screenshots will tell you all you need to know about what the poor kid is going through.

Yet on the good side, a coalition built up behind Miss Titan, and it’s one that continues to build. Both on this blog, and around the nation with people just like you following writers like me. And we need your help, which is why I’m calling on you to share my work listed here, as well as my YouTube or BitChute channels.

The more people we reach worldwide, the more likely a revolution can take place. While a revolution of ideas is nice, it’s not feasible. It never has been and never will be. It’ll be Individual versus State and blood will spill as it always has.

But if we fail, the State’s oppressive forces will try to gun down such ideas and dissenters anyway until violence becomes the tried and true method to deal with those outside the statist cult of personality.

The choice, my friends, is ours.

The choice is ours.

And boy, do I hope and pray the true idea of America returns. The idea that will return America to its founding status. An idea, not a land, but an idea.

The idea that all individuals are fit to live without the iron fist of government dictating their lives, as we already do under most circumstances.

But it’s inevitable that war, real war, is on the horizon, since how often in world history has an ideas revolution ended without bloodshed? Slim just left town.

Thanks for reading.

Your friend,

Braden Hawk.

And Tarja Titan, keep pounding, my girl. Keep freaking pounding.

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