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Yes, the Iranians hate the US government and no, it has nothing to do with one nation being supposedly free while the other is under oppression. While this might be a common belief, there’s actually a damn good reason why the Iranian people hate the US government.

So, what’s the real reason behind Iran’s perpetual hatred of the US government?

Let’s discover the truth.

First off, contrary to popular belief Iranians don’t hate Americans. In fact, a poll from 2018 showed the opposite. So it’s important to distinguish Iran’s hatred for the US government, but not the American people, with whom they long for better relations with – heck, it makes perfect sense for me to say us Libertarians and Iranians share a common enemy that is the US government, along with a good deal of the world.

So, if it’s true more Iranians like Americans than don’t like Americans, why is it justifiable for the Iranian people to be burning American flags in the street, shouting “Death to America,” and other offensive actions?

Here’s a bit of a timeline, some of which I’ve covered in previous articles, but by the end of this reading you will see and probably understand why Iranians have a lot of anger toward the US government, and you probably would too if a superpower were doing this to your country.


It Started in 1953

Okay, well maybe prior if you count the number of puppet regimes the UK held up to continue to acquire rights to drill for oil in the nation – if you’ve ever heard of BP, bear in mind it was going by a different name at the time called Anglo-Persian Oil before changing its name to Anglo-Iranian Oil. The initial name change was simply to kiss up to Reza Pahlavi, who was responsible for ceding land to the British at the time.

Following the Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Iran when Reza Pahlavi refused to take a side during World War II and the invasion was carried out by the Soviet Union and British to secure Iran’s oil fields for the Allied Powers.

Fast forward to Iran’s brief experiment with democracy – something the US claims to spread to nations in the Middle East. Only the US didn’t like this democracy because democratically-elected leader Mohamed Mossadegh decided Iranians and only Iranians should profit on its own oil – just like any good leader would do, right?

Allow me to give you an example. The US recently bypassed Saudi Arabia in crude oil production. Now, let’s say a few leaders in the US decided to cede those oil reserves to Russia and China. Next thing you know, Russian and Chinese oil companies are buying out US-based companies, digging for oil, producing oil – using American workers, mind you, and paying them the federal minimum wage to do so – and profiting on our own oil.

This is kind of what the British (and at one time, the Russians) did to the Iranians. Well, Mossadegh said, “Wait a minute, this isn’t right!”

So, he nationalizes Iran’s oil for his own people, which of course is going to piss off the British. So, the British run to the sole superpower in the West Bloc for some assistance here – who happened to be the nation’s own kid, the United States. It’s like Archie Manning running to Peyton to win him a Super Bowl Ring if you want me to correlate it to something. The Brits, or more appropriately, the MI6, run to the CIA and plead for help.

But, what did they say to the Americans?

“Uh, this is what’s really going on but oh, by the way, the Soviet Union is threatening to influence Mossadegh.”

Now, you can imagine just about every siren went off in Washington at the mention of “The Soviet Union is threatening to influence.”

So, what happens?

A man named Kermit Roosevelt (name sound familiar), initially ignored a call-off – the US wasn’t going to do this – but they did it anyway. Or better yet, Roosevelt did it, anyway.

In other words, the US instituted a brutal monarch in Iran named Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who in time would use his secret police forces (doesn’t this man just sound like Hitler?) to arrest and execute hundreds of thousands of dissenters in Iran whilst overthrowing a democracy – IS THIS IRONIC, OR WHAT?

The Americans helped the British to end democracy, institute a tyrant, and fifty years later told the world that Iraq needs to be liberated from a tyrant named Saddam Hussein – you can’t make this stuff up. And they also included Iran in that Axis of Evil as well – well, you shouldn’t have meddled in Iran’s democratic affairs, America.

But anyway, let’s move on.


The CIA’s Logic

So many of those who believe America is the kingpin of democracy – although the term never appears in the Constitution – and that it’s our nation’s job to rid the world of evil and Americanize the rest of the world, they might try to at least find justification in why the CIA decided to overthrow Mossadegh.

I’m sure today’s argument, say if this coup happened yesterday, is that the election was rigged. I mean, isn’t that what happens when the opposite guy (or girl) gets elected overseas in a nation we deem an enemy? Well, if they weren’t fixing elections over there, we wouldn’t have to send our recent high school graduates overseas and introduce to them some freedom…

Yeah, something along those lines.

So, just what the hell was the CIA thinking?

Well, as I said, the MI6 stated to the CIA those “evil Soviets” (okay, Stalin was an evil prick) were influencing Mossadegh with communism. Oh no, not communism! Even though I’m sure not a single shred of evidence existed that the Soviet Union ever threatened Iran with communism. But of course, Moscow’s up to its wayward ways (have we not learned a thing in the past sixty-seven years?) and they’re going to take over the world with communism. Okay, the USSR definitely was spreading a communist fist at the time but I’m sure that if the USSR was this warmongering monster they’d have been launching nukes, which never happened.

So, the British basically told the US that by nationalizing Iran’s oil (which you should know pissed off British oil companies), the evidence that Mossadegh was leaning toward the Soviet Union was right in front of their faces. So what did the CIA conclude?

Mossadegh must be a secret agent of Moscow.

No, we haven’t learned a goddamn thing – or at least our government and its sheeple haven’t. For one, the Soviet Union died the year I was born. For another, all you have to do is look at the results of recent Russian elections to get an idea as to who Vladimir Putin is keeping out of power in Russia – those suffering from Soviet nostalgia. I’m sure Democratic Socialists and Communists in Russia would just love for those “good old days” of communism to return, but a Russian nationalist is standing in their way and no, I’m not a Putin sympathizer.

But anyway, the CIA thought Mossadegh was working for Moscow and thus, must be overthrown.


Enter Mohammed Reza Pahlavi

So, with Mossadegh gone and the Soviet threat seemingly disintegrated with the return of the Shah to power, what did our fantastic CIA do?

They helped train a law enforcement agency called the SAVAK – just think of Hitler’s Gestapo joining forces with today’s NSA and CIA, and you get the SAVAK. Yeah, secret police with access to spying on private citizens.

What could go wrong?

Just about everything.

So, to prevent another Mossadegh, the CIA continues to train and fund the SAVAK and as I said, these people made the Gestapo look like just half of this brutal organization. The SAVAK engaged people in indefinite detention, torture, and finally, execution.

But what kind of propaganda did the US government use?

Just the usual dupe tactics it still uses today – did I mention the sheeple in this country have yet to learn a goddamn thing? The Shah wasn’t brutal, they told our people. He was friendly and caring for the Iranian people. That he was an ally of America and an enemy to those evil Soviets. The SAVAK was just keeping the nation in order – nothing to see over there!



Alright, so this is where our history books tend to pick up regarding Iran – hardly a thing is mentioned about Iran (except for the World War II Summit held in Tehran) until we get into the Carter years. So they did what the American colonists did once upon a time.

They said, “enough is enough, we’re done!”

Such a violent revolt, which of course our government schools just tell us that Iran hates us and have always hated us, so they held Americans hostage at the US embassy in Tehran for 444 days – such a rhetoric, of course, that’s intended to turn the American people against Iran, effectively spreading hatred in America’s public schools that persists to this day – because how dare those Iranians decide what’s best for them against America’s will!

Or say our government officials and public schools.

But the revolt, while successful in ousting the Shah, backfired to an extent and instituted a religious theocracy which of course to this day has left Iran in the doldrums.

But of course, the US has since seen this as a golden opportunity to try to instill yet another US-backed regime in Iran and it hasn’t stopped, even if the US had to enlist Saddam Hussein once upon a time in harassing Iran during the Iran-Iraq War from 1980 to 1988.

So what has the US been doing to these people since?

Only implementing economic sanction after economic sanction against the Iranian government – which is no angel run by a bunch of saints, but at the same time neither is the US government – a national security aristocracy. And yes, if you study the military-industrial complex and understand why perpetual war occurs with America, it’s to allow such an aristocracy to profit at the hands of victims of those who suffer from our economic sanctions and of course, at the hands of the taxpayers as well.

US sanctions are spreading poverty, suffering, uncertainty, and untimely death among the Iranian people, while of course praying the Iranians rise up and revolt against their current government. These people are ants to our government – hell, so were the people of Iraq, Chile, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, and anywhere else the US decides to instill its regime-change mentality next.

So, if you’re still dumbfounded by Iran’s perpetual hatred of the US government, you seriously need to evaluate your own stance on your so-called Patriotism, because something tells me you would’ve fallen for propaganda way back when that probably branded the Sons of Liberty as terrorists and imminent threats to British lives over in the American colonies.

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