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I won’t trust Donald Trump on his claims that Iran is planning on or has directly killed American citizens. For starters, President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have failed to show the American people direct evidence backing up the claims that Iran and recently-assassinated General Qassem Soleimani had killed or was planning to kill Americans within the region.

Further, even if such claims were indeed true, it’s wise to remember that the US currently has forty-plus military bases surrounding Iran, as well as continual relocation and deployment of US troops to Iraq, Iran’s western neighbor. The US has long sought Iranian resources, namely its oil, initially in favor of its British allies as is documented in Stephen Kinzer’s work, ‘All the Shah’s Men.’

To this extent, the US has strategically over the years set up bases in Saudi Arabia, which is divided from Iran via the Persian Gulf, Iraq (western neighbor), Afghanistan (eastern neighbor), Pakistan (southeastern neighbor), Kuwait (Iraq’s southeastern neighbor), as well as Syria and Jordan, both nations residing in proximity to Iran.


Who’s the Real Aggressor?

Further, Iran has been accused of several attacks against America and the West over the course of 2019 – however Iran can make just as much of an argument regarding the Americans – and bear in mind, only one country is surrounding the other – you will see US bases surrounding Iran, as well as naval vessels, moving in and out of the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf as they please – yet how many bases does Iran have in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or even Russia? Zero. How many warships reside in the Gulf of Mexico? Zero. The Atlantic? Zero. Pacific? Zero again.

If I were an alien who’d just come across Earth, knowing nothing of the conflict at hand – I would conclude within seconds the US is the true aggressor in this quagmire – not Iran, as the Western media is trying tooth and nail to point out.

However, isn’t this the same game the media has played since Desert Storm, when a PR firm called Hill & Knowlton basically sold the war to the American public, culminating with a prepared false testimony of Saddam Hussein ordering the Iraqi military to slaughter newborns?

The girl giving the testimony at the time?

The daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US.

Not the most credible justification for war by a longshot.

While Iran may’ve taken responsibility for some of the attacks on American and Western ships and supplies and today bases, who can blame them?

Do you believe for two seconds that if Iran, Russia, Syria, China, or anyone similar set up military bases in Tijuana that the American military wouldn’t strike them tomorrow? Ditto if any of these nations happened to have ships running up and down the Atlantic or Pacific coast – especially if they possessed heavy weaponry.

Or better yet – what if Iran threatened to attack American cultural sites?

Do you not think we’d be striking their bases while young people would be more than happy to sign up and actually defend their country from a real threat?

I know I would – but I’m not about to claim that the American military is defending America by surrounding a nation who’d been bullied by the West as long as a century before with military bases and basically telling them to put up or we’ll wipe you off the map.

No, I don’t think a single American would fare too kindly. I think there would be acts of terror committed against Iranian-Americans tomorrow – just as acts of terror were committed against German Americans in World War I – I actually met people of German descent bearing English last names due to such acts – or the Japanese in World War II – whom the US government “only” placed in concentration camps during the war?

And you’re going to blame Iran with committing acts of terror against American and Western citizens?

I’m against their committing acts against innocent people too – but don’t you think it might have something to do with endless intervention in the region? Again, Kinzer’s book sheds a whole new light on exactly why Iran is accused of committing such acts and while I’ll never justify terrorism against innocent people I totally understand why it’s happening – because America would be doing the same if the script were flipped – look no further than the Revolutionary War – because if you don’t think the Patriots were committing such acts against their Loyalist rivals, you have another thing coming.


Timeline of Events

So, tensions have definitely risen between the two global powers since Trump pulled out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal back in May 2018 but things really picked up starting in 2019.

Take a look:

April 2019

Washington declares Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group.

May 2019

John Bolton announces deployment of an aircraft carrier and bomber task force to the Middle East.

Tehran warns Washington it will resume nuclear activity a year after the US unilaterally withdrew from the agreement and reimposed economic sanctions.

Four ships and three oil tankers are damaged in the Gulf. The US blames Iran.

Citing “credible threats” from Iran, the US deploys 1,500 more troops into the region.

June 2019

Two oil tankers, a Norwegian and Japanese tanker, are attacked. Washington, London, and Riyadh blame Iran. Iran denies involvement.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shoots down a US drone, citing the drone violated Iranian airspace in the Strait of Hormuz. Trump decides to strike Iran, but backs off at the last minute.

Trump announces further “hard hitting” sanctions on Tehran.

July 2019

Trump claims an Iranian drone came “dangerously close” to US naval vessels in the Strait of Hormuz after the US military strikes it down.

Iran announces it breached a cap on its uranium enrichment.

September 2019

Yemen’s Iranian-backed Huthi rebels claim responsibility for setting fire to two Saudi oil facilities. Tehran denies accusations of involvement from the US and Western powers.

Trump announces “highest sanctions ever imposed on a country,” targeting Iran’s central bank.

November 2019

Tehran resumes further uranium enrichment.

US expresses support for Iranian protesters following fuel-price hike, leaving Tehran infuriated. While Washington accused Tehran of using lethal force on its own people for curtailing the protests, Tehran accuses Washington of economic terrorism – citing Washington’s sanctions.

December 2019

US kills 25 Iranian-backed fighters in airstrikes. These strikes were due to retaliation against Iranian-backed strikes in Iraq, leaving a civilian American contractor dead.

Pro-Iranian protesters storm the US embassy in Baghdad, leading Trump to further warn Tehran of military action.

January 2020

US strike kills top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, leading Iran to promise revenge, culminating with Iranian airstrikes on two US bases in the region.


A Common Denominator

Clearly, Iran is focused on taking out the US military in the region – whom they see as a national security threat. At the same time, Tehran has posed zero threat to the US mainland – however, Donald Trump has verbally threatened to launch military strikes against 52 Iranian cultural sites – where civilians visit and may even reside.

However, Trump’s continued recklessness is increasingly leaving American civilians feeling he’s the overall greatest threat to world peace, as a recent Fox News poll reports.

Only 8% believe Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei poses the greatest threat – with Russian President Vladimir Putin bringing in the same numbers.

But there’s an even greater common denominator – one that states all the above has been happening – in the Middle East – in Iranian territory – where not a single American citizen other than a contractor has been killed. Meanwhile, the US has done nothing more than continue its involvement on Middle Eastern soil, continuing to surround Iran with further military personnel.

If Iran launches further strikes, who can blame them? Because I know each and every American citizens would support strikes on Iranian bases if such bases resided near the American border.

With zero evidence and zero congressional debate, Trump has acted on striking Iran, which in and of itself is an act of war. If you aren’t patient enough to debate what you claim, this tells me the evidence either isn’t there or is unclear. Because if you had solid evidence in your hand, Mr. Trump, you would have zero problem waiting for a Congressional debate to occur.

Source: How and Why did Iran Attack US Bases. A Timeline of Escalating Tensions

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